Preparing students
for success in the
Global Economy

Advancing the economic literacy of the people of California since 1963

Skills and knowledge influence income.

This is the seventh of nine economic principles. Teaching the necessary economic skills and knowledge is the core purpose of California Council on Economic Education, CCEE. We help teachers teach students the value of their human capital, how markets work and where students fit in the global economy. This economic context helps students make better, more informed choices, like choosing to finish high school, while taking control of their lives and building self esteem.

Founded as a part the California State University Foundation to provide training and standards-based curriculum in economics to California teachers, CCEE, originally named Economic Literacy Council, became a 501(c)3 charitable organization in 1978. Today, California Council on Economic Education’s ultimate goal and mission is:

To prepare California’s students to participate in the global economy as responsible workers, consumers, savers and citizens.

Our mission states our case for economic education
To prepare California’s students … The 21st century global economy requires greater educational preparation and additional skills that were not necessary in earlier times.
… to participate in the global economy These skills will provide students with higher incomes and the ability to participate productively in the global economy. Those who do not have the skills will be consigned to lower incomes and fewer opportunities.
… as responsible workers, consumers, savers and citizens. Students must know early, that they are responsible for preparing themselves for the new economy.

Teaching economics to K–12 students sends the message of preparation, participation and responsibility clearly and often to ensure that students are ready for the new economy. We do this by teaching students:

  • Analytical decision making (benefit/cost analysis)
  • The power of their human capital and the potential for school to help them develop it
  • How markets work so they can interact positively in product, labor and financial markets

Our progress and dedication to our mission can be seen through our actions.

  • Leading provider of California standards-based training and curricula for K–12 teachers with a 97% teacher approval rating
  • Executive Director was the sole economics consultant to the State Board of Education when the History/Social Science Standards was written in 1998. Download CA Standards Brochure PDF
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  • Executive Director served on the State Board of Education Commission that proposed revisions to the California History/Social Science Curriculum Framework in 2009
  • Led the drive to pass SB 1213, which requires all California students to pass one semester of high school economics to graduate
  • Served on the committee that wrote the Subject Matter Requirements for all K-12 teachers for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, ensuring that all credentialed teachers of economics have a strong background in economics

We’ve reached our goals when:

  • Students gain the necessary human capital to survive and prosper in the 21st century global economy
  • Students learn to earn and manage their money so that they will have the financial resources to work well, live well and retire well

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