Preparing students
for success in the
Global Economy

Mission Statement

The California Council on Economic Education is the leading provider of economic and personal finance education to K-12 teachers and students. For more than 50 years our mission has been to help students gain a real-world understanding of economics and personal finance.

As students gain a greater understanding of the economic value of their skills in the workplace, the power of their choices, and the importance of responsibly managing their personal finances, they can grow into adults that can participate confidently and productively in their local and global economies.

CCEE accomplishes its mission in three primary ways. First, we provide professional development to teachers through in-person training in workshops and conferences. Our educational materials are continually refreshed finding the “best of breed” in effectiveness and relevance and are free or low cost to teachers. We partner with community volunteers who act as mentors to share their expertise with students. Because we focus on teachers , CCEE cost effectively reaches thousands of students every year.

Secondly, we have created a website for teachers called EconWorks to provide online support whenever teachers need it. This robust and user-friendly website provides training materials, semester curricula, lessons, webinars, online contests, and other resources. In addition, this site is designed for California teachers and matches national and California-specific standards to lessons.

Finally, we advocate for continuing awareness of the importance of economic and financial literacy education, and implementation of a mandatory statewide curriculum. We partner with other organizations to educate legislators and state education administrators on the benefits of requiring economic and personal finance education for California students.