Preparing students
for success in the
Global Economy

About California Council on

Economic Education

The California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) delivers economic and personal finance education to California’s K-12 students by educating the educators. As a professional development organization, we have a long history of supporting teachers since 1963.

Today’s complex global economy demands that adults understand how the economy works and how to manage their personal financial matters. The recent recession demonstrated that being uneducated in these subjects can lead to tragic results.

The CCEE solution is to improve the education of California’s students in the underserved subjects of economics and personal finance to better prepare them to live and work after graduation. We focus on teachers who reach students daily in classrooms. We support the teaching of economic reasoning, economic principles and personal finance through in-person training, webinars and an online toolbox, EconWorks!

Through our training, teachers are more effective at what they do and their students become better prepared to live and prosper as adults.


The teacher resource tool for teaching economics and personal finance in California. Available 24/7, this website is a TOOLBOX full of curricula, videos, webinars, games, contests and a schedule of upcoming training events. And, it’s a LIBRARY of outstanding lesson plans that meet California Economics, National Voluntary Personal Finance, and Common Core Standards.

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